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Tikki Hywood Trust
SPECIESAfrican Wild Cat, Bat Eared Fox, Cape Pangolin, Civet, Genet, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Serval, Southern African Hedgehog, ...
Lisa Hywood and Ellen Connelly
ABOUTThe Tikki Hywood Trust is a non-profit charitable organization offering a fresh and positive contribution to Zimbabwean conservation. The Tikki Hywood Trust fills a niche that is often overlooked in wildlife conservation, and that is the preservation of species that lack the charisma and appeal of the larger, more publicized rare animals. Through the formation of the Trust, the smaller, lesser known and often more endangered, wild species of animals are given a voice. Little is known about the life patterns of these smaller animals, as there have been few or no studies on these species, leaving us in a very fragile position to ensure their survival.
HELP THEMYou can support the actions of the Tikki Hywood Trust by making a donation.
Wish list for their Pangolin Project :

Sleeping boxes for rescued pangolin USD 90
Bedding for pangolin USD 20
Heat Pads for rescued pangolin USD 35
Camera traps x 1 USD 100
Consumables for Camera Trap USD 200
Staff Uniform & Equipment USD 110
Member of staff for tracking pangolin/ mth USD300 / month
Pangolin staff minder 1/ pangolin USD250 / month
Microchip reader & 20 Chips USD650

Costs linked to a Pangolin Rescue :
Logistics: Transport & Communication USD215 / month
Veterinary Care per pangolin rescued USD250
Report Filing & Legal fees USD150


Tel: + 263 4 885156