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Nature Seychelles
SPECIESThe whole fauna of Seychelles, like sea turtles, sea birds, endemic ground birds like Seychelles Warbler (Acrocephalus sechellensis) and the Seychelles Magpie-Robin (Copsychus sechellarum)
Doctor Nirmal Jovan Shah, manager of « Nature Seychelles » is a well known man concerning protection of nature in Seychelles. After his work for the Seychelles environmental minister, or the UNESCO and the IUCN, he has given an international dimension to this NGO, a model NGO, in the Nature Conservation.
April Burt is the manager scientist of the Cousin’s island, she assures with enthusiasm and dynamism, different programs of conservation on the island, with the volunteers and Coast guards help.
ABOUTNature Seychelles is an NGO which is working for the country’s wildlife since more than 40 years. This organization is involved in many projects, and it is currently acting in scientific field, education and management of nature reserve. Nature Seychelles is in charge of the Cousin Island’s special reserve one of the biggest succes concerning rehabilitation of ecosystem and conservation of species with hight risks of extinction. In 1960, there was only 26 Seychelles Warbler left in the whole world. After a long work of land rehabilitation and, translocation birds, it remains more than 3000 of them.A real success which gives hope for the others species preservation projects. Nowadays, the Island is became an ecotourism moderated example which permits to discover this amazing natural jewel of the Indian Ocean, preserving the wild species. Seychelles Nature is finishing, this year, a restoration project of the coral reef, the biggest coral reef, in terms of numbers of transplants coral and restored surface. This work is also entitled to test new technics and to draft a method guide to share this unique experiment.
HELP THEMAs an NGO, Nature Seychelles is working with generous donations and donators.
The amount gathered thanks to visit of the Cousin Island allows financing different kind of projects concerning the island’s management. It is also possible to take part in the eco-volunteer program in Cousin Island.
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